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Pumpkin Seeds

Seed bank


BioSegura believes that seeds will be very important in the future. Due to conventional farming, many seeds are lost. We want to save as much varieties as possible.
Older varieties contain more nutrients than lab-grown varieties.
Therefore, foods grown from these seeds are healthier and contain
more nutrients and vitamins. That's why we started a seed bank years ago.


The bank

More than 2000 different types of autochthonous seeds from Spain kept at a constant temperature. Our seed collection has grown tremendously over
the years.


Seed Delivery

We harvest ourselves

We regularly grow different varieties, so that we can harvest new seeds and keep our bank updated. The seeds are harvested manually with great care.

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Your own seeds

Order your seeds in our web shop and grow the different varieties yourself at home. Share them with your loved ones. With your order you help us to improve and expand our task of recovering varieties.

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