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Participatory Guarantee Systems

Promote a different marketing model, based on trust and participation, where the approach, knowledge and exchange between producers and consumers is simpler, closer and more real.

We are a group of producers, consumer groups and small eco-stores that work with agro ecological principles in the Region of Murcia and its surroundings. 

Website SPG Murcia (ES)

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The biodynamic denomination is reserved for products certified by the international Demeter label, although they must also comply with all the regulations of organic farming in addition to the requirements of Demeter. That is, everything biodynamic is ecological, although not everything ecological is biodynamic.


The BIO-logical or ecological products produced in the Region of Murcia, carry the AVAL of Ecological Agriculture of the Council of Ecological Agriculture of the Region of Murcia.

Find the link to CAERM here .

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