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Our main activity is the organization of orders on a weekly basis (except for a few weeks in August and the end of the year). The preparation and distribution of orders is entrusted to a team of partners and collaborating partners who carry out the delivery (now mainly home service), who provide the distribution points and who serve the partners who are going to pick up their order at these points. .


Origin of BioSegura

BioSegura arises from the desire of 40 families from Murcia to obtain organic products from small farmers in the region, back in April 2005.

Heidi and Paco have contributed in their own way to the development of the association's work, always accompanied by the members of the board of directors and the workers who have succeeded each other over time.

Other activities we carry out:

  • We are an integral part of REAS Murcia (Alternative Economy Network and

  • We are part of the Participatory Guarantee System of the Region of Murcia.
    And of the Iberian Network of SPGs.

  • We organize Open Days in the farms and companies that we supply. 

  • We organize and carry out eminently organic farming courses practices with the support of our producers.

  • Participation in meetings and fairs related to agroecology and biodiversity.

  • We promote and participate in the meetings of small agroecological producers in the Southeast.

  • We collaborate with the Southeast Permaculture network and in the Ecovillage meetings.


What we do


Association Statutes

Here you can download our statutes and regulations in .pdf format:

BioSegura Statutes

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