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Murcia is gradually becoming a desert. Monoculture is depleting the soil.

But a change is happening. Small farmers choose to do it differently.

They help restore the soil and make the earth greener.

When we support this and do it on a larger scale, we can even create more rain, which could turn this landscape into a green paradise.

BioSegura is an important link between farmers and customers.

We help them sell their products so they can prosper. There are currently about 30 producers and processors, mainly small producers, who provide us with a wide variety of crops, spread throughout Murcia and throughout the year.

Click here to see the list of producers that supply us.


In addition to that, we inspire, we help change the earth with our knowledge and we safeguard many varieties of seeds.

By becoming a member, you support us, our work, the farmers and the climate of Murcia.

Happy Family

Currently we are 170 families who participate in the association,
and we handle about 65 orders each week, with a modest total volume.

You can be part of this change.

What are the advantages of becoming a member?
  • No additional fee on orders (€2 per order)

  • Discount for events

  • Discounts on courses and special activities

  • You support our organization with a small annual fee, which means we can survive despite our small margins.

  • By being a member you also support our volunteers and farmers.

Image by Elaine Casap
What is your contribution?
  • A single entry fee of €30 to be paid into our bank account.

  • There is an annual contribution of €24, to be paid in January.

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