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How to preserve organic bread?

The bread we make at bakery Rincón del Segura is very different from conventional bread, not only because of its nutritional and ecological properties, but also because of its consistency, texture, and shelf life. Our breads are denser and are characterised by having a tougher crust than other breads, which results from spending more time in the oven for proper cooking. When someone who does not know our breads asks us for the description, we like to say that they are very intense, in flavor and aroma.

And to preserve these organic breads and to maintain that characteristic intensity of their flavour for a long time, we leave you with a few tips:

  1. In appropriate conditions (cool place less than 18°C and dry), our bread lasts between 10 and 15 days. In the freezer it keeps for months.

  2. To keep it well, it is necessary to take into account that in very dry or extremely cold environments (less than 10ºC) the bread becomes very hard if it is not well protected in a plastic or starch bag.

  3. It is convenient to leave the bag open from time to time so that it can breathe, otherwise an environment is created inside the bag that is too humid and it becomes mouldy.

  4. During the summer season we recommend keeping it cold.

We hope that these tips will help you to fully enjoy the flavor of organic products from Panadería Rincón del Segura.


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