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Southeast Permaculture Network Winter Meeting — February 9 to 11, 2024

In Totana

Prior registration is required at 649548224 Elias and we will send the location of the place. Non-members 5 euros.


FRIDAY, February 9

from 3 p.m. reception and accommodation

5:00 p.m. Visit of the farm

6 p.m. presentation circle

8:30 p.m. SUIT DINNER

10 p.m. Biodanza

SATURDAY February 10.

9am breakfast

10am morning circle

10.30 am collective work. Various groups:

  • Forge. We will learn to make and fix our tools

  • There will be a pot of abundance to cover the costs of metal materials for the forge and others.

  • Permacultural design of the farm.

  • Fruit plantation

2 p.m. Cooked food

4 p.m. Continue with the morning's work if it is not finished and/or other suggestions that arise

6 p.m. Design Network and friendly

8:30 p.m. Cooked DINNER

10 p.m. Fire vision with art, music and dance by the fire.

SUNDAY February 11.

9am morning circle

10 am review and last questions about the forge and other tasks from the previous day

11.30 am guided tour of the Argaric archaeological remains of La Bastida. 4 euros.

2:30 p.m. cooked food

5 p.m. farewell and closing hugs.


You can bring your tool to repair or modify, come with boots or appropriate footwear that protects the foot well. Bring your seeds or seedlings to exchange and field tools to work with, gloves, flashlight, warm clothing although there will be a closed space to sleep, bring a bag and mat, bring cutlery, plates and glasses. There will also be a camping area and an area for vans. There is a refrigerator and kitchen and barbecue for cooking


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